Onnit Swag: Tees, Tanks, and Kettlebell Training Gear

Onnit makers of Alpha Brain

Two bamboo tees from Onnit. Photo credit Onnit.com

Onnit are famous for their supplements, with earth grown ingredients—like their flagship nootropic, Alpha Brain—hemp force protein, as well as their functional training equipment; kettlebells, battle ropes, steel maces et at.

On top of that they have some pretty cool swag. Tshirts, tank tops, cross training shorts, kettlebell wrist protectors, to name a few.

I love several of the primal designs, and the fact that their gear is made from a mix of organic cotton and bamboo—pretty slick.

I’m a big Patagonia fan too, and many of their tees are from organic cotton. I feel the difference, and I like knowing I’m supporting something organic.

Check out Onnit’s gear over at their website, Onnit.com.

And if you’re interested in their cognitive enhancer, Alpha Brain, you might find this useful http://brainperformancereviews.com. It’s a good, seemingly unbiased, review of the supplement, with info on the best places to buy.